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Pony OC
A pony who is totally  not modeled after anyone in particular. *cough*

Seriously, tho, this is based off of a couple things. I figured out the color scheme in a pony creator ages ago:
Then someone did fan art based on it:…

So this is kinda based on that, adding some more accurate details and such. An altered version of this is eventually going to replace the cat in the Silent Hill inspired end card I've been using at the end of my MLP Vlog videos.

BTW, she doesn't have a name ... if anyone has any ideas for one, I'm open for suggestions.
Trailer Park Ponies
Well, I'd been watching Trailer Park Boys, and ... Rule 85 dictates that this needed to happen. Not 100% happy with it, but I have a hard time putting multiple ponies in one image.

Derpy as Bubbles was the concept that spawned this. Mainly he has funny looking eyes ... and his name is BUBBLES, which is Derpy's cutie mark. That combined with my husband commenting that Bubbles is, ironically, one of the most intelligent characters on the show, which also happens to be my husband's head-canon for Derpy.

Rainbow Dash as Ricky--I saw the Season 5 episode "Tanks for the Memories" and thought, "Okay, Rainbow Dash is Ricky!". Her actions in that show just struck me as something Ricky would do. And, yes, she is smoking a joint  XD

As for Applejack as Julian ... basically, since they're pretty much rednecks, I figured one of them had to be Applejack, so she got Julian  XD  Also, I figured the drink he's always carrying around could be (hard) apple cider in her case.

For those not familiar with Trailer Park Boys, here's the image I used as reference:…

Background is from here:…

UPDATE 8/26/16 - I'm not sure who runs the official Trailer Park Boys Twitter account, but ... they came across this somewhere and shared it:…
Definitely didn't see that coming, but thought it was pretty cool  ^.^
Sheba reference sheet 1
I actually started it on Friday night and probably could have had it finished Sunday night if the cape wasn't a bit of a pain. Kinda proud of myself for ALMOST knocking this out in a weekend ^.^ No pre-made template used, either.

Not sure what else to say about this one other than this drawing does not do justice to how stupid-complicated this outfit is.

That and I think I'm gonna take a few weeks off from Cyborcats now that this is done. I've got a video I need to make, and an idea for some fan art I wanna play with.

EDIT 7/24/16 - Added back view. Honestly, I think it's a bit of a fail, but I'm tired of looking at it.
I wanted to show that Asgore has two sides to him. There's the friendly cuddly part who offers you tea ... but there's also the other part who is willing to take your soul. I feel like the fan base tends to forget the latter. He may have had good intentions, but that doesn't change what he did.

(I still love him, tho--don't get me wrong  ^.^)
The Wind is Howling
This silly thing took weeks--I think part of it was because the only actual drawing I did before scanning was Undyne herself--I wasn't sure exactly how to handle the background so I planned to just figure it out in Photoshop ... which not how I'm used to doing it, which lead to procrastination. I think I spent more time procrastinating than actually working on it.

I don't think this one is better than the first Undyne drawing I did, but it's good enough to work as a companion piece.

Also, in both drawings, Undyne ended up looking bustier than I intended--I think it's the strong highlights on the metal that makes them pop like that. The way the armor looks in the game makes me think that there's a suggestion of a female chest, but with only a slight "bump" to it (she's super thin under that armor after all). Okay, enough about Undyne's boobs  x.x
Casting call for the three remaining characters I need (all female, sorry).


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Thanks! Yah, the comments on Twitter weren't TOO bad, but I've heard enough about the Facebook post to stay away from it.
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